Tuesday 19 July 2022

Vinyl Fair at Rozelle Collectors Market

I went to my first vinyl fair this weekend at Rozelle Collectors Market (Inner West Sydney). The first stall had unbelievable cheap prices - $3 for each record! My son and I purchased 13 of them and a couple of CDs and the guy at the stall just charged us $40.

There were 12 other vinyl stalls and the usual weekly market. We had a gorgeous afternoon in the winter sun.

I took some photos of the amazing vintage items you can find at the markets.

Browsing for records at the Rozelle Collectors Market Vinyl Fair
Browsing for records at the Rozelle Collectors Market's Vinyl  Fair

Browsing the stalls at the Rozelle Collectors Market's Vinyl Fair
Stalls had vintage and not-so-vintage records and books

James Brown poster 1968 Boston Gardens
James Brown poster

Vintage Cuban music record
Vintage Cuban music

Absolute Beginners vinyl album featuring David Bowie
I had to get this one. The title song of Absolute Beginners by David Bowie is one of my favourite songs. I also like Patsy Kensit, Sade and the Style Council. Great memories of the 80s.

Beautiful vintage kewpie like doll from Japan
Beautiful vintage kewpie-like doll from Japan. 

Vintage fashion at Rozelle Collectors Market
Vintage fashion at Rozelle Collectors Market

Vintage camera at Rozelle Collectors Market
A vintage camera that needs a thorough clean.

Quirky wooden rabbit at Rozelle Collectors Market
Quirky wooden rabbit

Vintage doll at Rozelle Collectors Market
Vintage doll

Leopard print faux fur coat jacket
I wanted this leopard print faux fur coat. Too bad it wasn't in my size.

Mosaic bust
Mosaic bust

Wooden shoe forms
Wooden shoe forms. They make great door stoppers, best on light doors.

Vintage doll at Rozelle Collectors Market
Another cute vintage doll

Vintage sewing machine at Rozelle Collectors Market
Vintage sewing machine. Not sure if this was an actual sewing machine or a toy.

Pug dog
This little pug was patiently waiting for his owner to finish her lunch.

Pancakes with butter and maple syrup at The Old Rosebud cafe Rozelle
My lunch at The Old Rosebud cafe Rozelle. Pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Yum!

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