Friday 18 December 2015

Today's birthday girl is Betty Grable

Betty Grable would have been 102 today.

Those famous legs were insured by Lloyds of London for $250,000. Lots of money those days!

It was rumoured that Betty was pregnant in this photo, so she was photographed from the back. However, this photo was taken two years before the birth of her first child. 

Singer, Neil Sedaka, wrote a song called Betty Grable in her honour.

Betty had two daughters with Harry James - Victoria was born in 1944 and Jessica was born in 1947.

Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe
Betty suffered from a fear of crowds, known as demophobia. She was also a sleepwalker.

"There are two reasons why I am successful in show business and I am standing on both of them." - Betty Grable

Betty was married to Jackie Coogan from 1937-39. She was also married to Harry James from 1943-65. Her partner until her death was Bob Remick.

Betty Grable passed away from lung cancer on 2nd July 1973. She was 56 years old. 

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