Saturday 23 March 2013

Sandy vs Rizzo

I must have watched Grease more than any other movie in my almost 40 years. 

My bestie Sarah and I would watch it over and over again on our VCRs when we were kids.

Watching it again recently with my son, I had noticed something I hadn't really thought of before. 

I like the way the "bad girls" dressed in the 50s.

Rizzo's pencil skirts, capri pants, cute cardigans and flat shoes. It's a look that I love.

So which style do you prefer?

Rizzo or Sandy?

Poodle skirts and saddle shoes aren't my favourite look of the 50s. Plus I really didn't like the Sandy transformation from "good girl" to vamp. 

It was all kinds of wrong - the shiny pants, high heels and the big hairstyle. It gave Danny Zuko chills but it made me think that someone made a mistake about what is considered 50s clothing.

What about the shade of Frenchie's hair? That pink is one of my favourite shades of pink.

By the way, why did so many people dislike 'Beauty School Dropout'?


  1. defo riz, wins hands down. cute capris with the pink lady jacket. and dont forget the lush night wear the "bad" girls wear

  2. Definitely Rizo. She looked super cute. The thing that really grossed me out, then and now, about Sandy's make over - aside from it being horribly overdone and frankly a bit embarrassing, was her smoking. Ewww... I just kept thinking how bad she must smell. Even at that age and even growing up surrounded by heaps of people who smoked, I always knew it looked really cheap and awful - and this was no exception!

    I quite liked her hair though, embarrassingly enough!

    1. Yuck the smoking is disgusting. They were the images that we had growing up :(

    2. I know, it's horrid. It really was always a firm hatred of mine, despite nearly everyone I knew around me smoking - working class Glasgow in the 70's, can you imagine? Nothing to do with it being bad for you, it was always the smell and the way it looked that turned my stomach.

      My pet peeve is when movie makers doing scenes set in the past decide to be realistic and show smokers. People had diarrhoea back then too, and we don't need to see that either :)