Tuesday 7 May 2019

Daughter of Bad Times - Rohan Wilson ::GIVEAWAY::

A suspenseful, truthful and compelling novel from the critically acclaimed author of The Roving Party.

'I'm a great fan of Rohan Wilson - and this is his best novel yet.' - Favel Parrett, bestselling author of Past the Shallows and When the Night Comes 

'It's impossible not to consider, as you read Daughter of Bad Times, that everything in 2075 is already here now and we are doing nothing to stop it. An utterly compelling vision by one of our finest writers.' Heather Rose, bestselling author of The Museum of Modern Love

'Ferocious and brilliant' The Australian Book Review on To Name Those Lost

'What better pitch than helping the refugees of the world? Who doesn't want to help refugees, right? The five Australian facilities are immigration detention centres, sure, but they're also manufacturing plants. That means two revenue streams for one facility. And we also clean up our image. We're not just a corrections company anymore-now, we're building communities, we're saving lives.'

Rin Braden is almost ready to give up on life after the heartbreaking death of her lover Yamaan and the everyday dread of working for her mother's corrupt private prison company. But through a miracle Yamaan has survived. 

Yamaan turns up in an immigration detention facility in Australia, trading his labour for a supposedly safe place to live. This is no ordinary facility, it's Eaglehawk MTC, a manufactory built by her mother's company to exploit the flood of environmental refugees. 

Now Rin must find a way to free Yamaan before the ghosts of her past and a string of bad choices catch up with them both. 

In its vision of the future, Daughter of Bad Times explores the truth about a growing inhumanity, as profit becomes the priority.

Daughter of Bad Times by Rohan Wilson is available now. Click here to purchase.

Daughter of Bad Times Rohan Wilson book giveaway. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses


With thanks to the lovely people at Allen & Unwin, I have three copies of this intriguing book, Daughter of Bad Times to giveaway.

All you need to do is follow my Instagram page instagram.com/retrogoddesses and email me your name and address to retrogoddess@mail.com Easy! Each book is valued at $29.99.

Please note, you must be living in Australia to enter.

This giveaway will be drawn on Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 5pm. Winners will be notified by email.

Daughter of Bad Times Rohan Wilson book giveaway. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses
Author of Daughter of Bad Times, Rohan Wilson

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