Thursday 2 August 2018

Raising Boys in the Twenty-first Century - Steve Biddulph

Steve Biddulph’s original ‘Raising Boys’, has been my favourite parenting book since having my son, over 11 years ago.

If you aren’t familiar with Steve Biddulph, he is one of Australia’s most respected and well-liked family therapists. Look him up, he has wonderful advice.

His book ‘Raising Boys’ has been updated with new information (yay!). This updated book has a new title, ‘Raising 21st Century Boys’.

The new information includes:
  • Cutting-edge science about brain and normal development including the latest findings on testosterone and how those precipitate the full-on fours and the emotional eights.
  • How puberty can be turned into a wonderful time for making better men.
  • Getting the school starting age right, finding a boy-friendly classroom, and what to do at home so your boys love stories, reading and books (love this!).
  • How role modelling really works and how being a single mum or dad can work out just fine.
  • A reminder that no two boys are alike, and we have to get to know our own unique little boy.

Key topics include:
  • Boys and crying
  • Boys and ‘bad’ behaviour 
  • Reading and communication
  • Countering the effects of porn
  • Transgender/gay children and the development of sexuality development.

This book is like having a therapist at home. Highly recommended for all parents of boys.

Available on paperback or Ebook.

Raising Boys in the Twenty-first century. Steve Biddulph.Review by Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses

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