Friday 13 October 2017

Strike A Pose - Madonna's dancers reunite after 25 years!

Way back in 1990, Madonna's Truth Or Dare (or In Bed With Madonna was it was known here in Australia) was the documentary that everyone was talking about.

Madonna and her Blond Ambition Tour dancers

It was a behind the scenes look at Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour.

It wasn't just Madonna who people were interested in, it was also the dancers.

Jose, Luis and Salim 'Slam'

Madonna and Kevin

Strike A Pose sees the dancers of the Blond Ambition Tour reunite after 25 years! I cannot believe that I didn't know about this documentary until today.

The dancers 25 years later

Without giving away details of the reunion, it was so fascinating to learn what the dancers are up to now. Be prepared though, because it's not all happy.

If you are in Australia, it's streaming now on Netflix.

See the Strike A Pose trailer below.

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