Thursday 7 January 2016

The Pinterest message I received about Little Edie Bouvier Beale...

I am a such a fan girl of Little Edie. Truly and utterly fascinated with her. 

How I would have loved to have known her!

On Sunday, I received a Pinterest notification that Pam Beale had written on one of my Little Edie pins - gasp!

Pam Beale was married to Little Edie's nephew, Chris Beale.

"This was taken at my wedding to Chris Beale at the family home Cedarcroft in 1982.  
The gentleman with Edie is Sterling Pile Sr., a close family friend and a character in his own right. 
Shortly thereafter, she stood and sang "Toujours L'amour" to the guests. A priceless moment." - Pam Beale 

Receiving that message was such a lovely surprise. My own little six degrees of separation :)

I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been to hear Little Edie sing at the wedding.


  1. Enjoyed that article immensely!! I have 'over the moon' about Little Edie. I'm just now learning, through various articles, the last years of her life. I'm fascinated by her.

    1. I love to hear from other Grey Garden fans. Have you joined any Facebook groups about The Edies? So much information about them. I'm currently reading The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens, written by Jerry Torre. He was in the documentary as the young guy who would visit the Edies. He is also on many of the FB groups. We are also facebook friends :)