Sunday 22 November 2015

Lego fun at Anime at Abbotsford

We have the coolest shop in our suburb. It's called Anime at Abbotsford. They sell everything anime, Minecraft, Beanie Boos, Star Wars and a whole lot of other things. Besides selling cool stuff, they have the best social gatherings at their store.

This morning, I took my son to their Lego competition and we had such a great time.

The instructions for the competition was to make a lego unicorn with a person on it. 

These kids are so clever!

One of the older kids made this. So impressed.
Another part of today's gathering was playing guess how many lego bricks made up the Lego dog. 

Bradley of Anime at Abbotsford and the Lego dog

and Hansen too!

The answer will be revealed later but I chose 2,022 bricks. I wonder what the total will actually be...

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