Friday 9 January 2015

When the tooth fairy forgets

I did something bad. I felt so guilty. It was completely my fault that the tooth fairy forgot to visit.

My son lost his third tooth recently. He was so excited that the tooth fairy was going to leave some coins under his pillow.

I kissed my son goodnight and then relaxed on the lounge, watched some crappy show and nodded off. 

My son woke up in the morning upset, telling me that the tooth fairy didn't leave him anything!


How could I forget???

I had to think of something I quietly grabbed some coins and went into the bathroom and placed the coins next to the toothbrush holder.

When my son went into the bathroom to clean his teeth, with my best poker face, I asked him where this money came from...

It worked!!! He said that the tooth fairy must have thought it would be a good idea to leave the money there this time.


I still had a big dose of the guilts, but a few days later, I saw a Facebook post from a school mum saying she had forgotten too. It made me feel a bit better to know I wasn't the only one.

So, my suggestion is as soon as you put you child to bed, put some money in a very obvious place that you will check before you go to bed. 

I have decided that next time the tooth fairy is due to leave her loot, I will be putting the money on top of my mobile phone so I don't forget it at my bedtime.

Have you ever forgotten the tooth fairy? How did you 'fix' the problem?

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