Wednesday 22 October 2014

Childhood memories of the 70s and 80s in Australia

My Facebook friends and I got all nostalgic recently.

It started when I said on my Facebook that I was burning a coconut melt and the scent took me straight back to being a teenager, coating myself in coconut oil to tan. Well, it was the 80s. Would never dream of doing that now - now it's all about the slip, slop, slap.

So, with my friends, we started reminiscing.

If you were around in Australia in the 70s and 80s, you are bound to remember many of the things I mention below.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with the list.

Sunnyboy ice blocks

Humphrey B. Bear
Rollerskating (my bestie and I would skate around thinking we were just like Olivia in Xanadu)
Firecracker night

Hypercolour t-shirts
Collecting erasers
Page 3 girls in the newspaper
The soft drink man making deliveries on Saturday mornings
Dunlop volleys
BMX bikes
Getting home before the street lights went off
Coke yo-yos
Dressing like Madonna

Romper Room (waiting for Miss Helena to say your name, like she could really see you)
Commodore 64
Blue Light Discos
Little plastic toys in the bottom of cereal packets
Hot chips wrapped in newspaper
Knock and run
Cigarette lollies

Clapping games
Young Talent Time
Bull rush
Choo Choo bars that made your teeth green
Hearing the paper boy's whistle
Winding down the car window

Playing records
Sounds with Donnie Sutherland on Saturday mornings
Getting stuck in a phone box not remembering which way the door opens
Slamming the phone down when you hung the phone up
Playing Space invaders at the local milk bar or corner shop

Cabbage Patch Kids
Recording on a blank cassette tape your favourite songs, from the radio
Fat Cat
Catch and kiss
Chiko rolls
Trying to do the Double Dutch
1c lollies
Double decker buses
Finger buns
Using encyclopaedias to do assignments

Can you think of any other things that take you back to your childhood?

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