Monday 7 July 2014

Winterfest Medieval Faire

I went to my first medieval faire today and I loved it. It was at Parramatta (in Sydney, Australia) on such a beautiful winters day.

My knowledge of medieval times is quite limited but I did learn many things today. One thing I learned was some images that depict those times may show people eating turkey meat. However, turkeys were not introduced to Europe until a later stage, when they were brought back from the Americas.

The birds of prey show was really interesting and was a highlight.

The photo above is of a masked owl. They used a remote control car covered in fur to show how the owl hunts its prey.

Lots of great medieval costumes could be found everywhere you looked.

I witnessed my first knight fight

and I saw jousting for the first time

Watching people make things using the methods used in medieval times was intriguing.

I caught this person having a nap. After all the walking we did today, that's what I need - a big nap!

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