Wednesday 7 March 2012

International Women's Day

Thursday, March 8th is International Women's Day.

In many countries, International Women's Day is an occasion to celebrate and praise women for their accomplishments.

It is a time to remember the amazing women that fought for equality.

I asked women of all ages, "What are the best things about being a woman?"

Christy Turlington Burns (Global Maternal Health Advocate) - Women hold the potential for the unlimited capacity to give of themselves.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Christy Turlington Burns
Christy Turlington Burns

Julie Goodwin (Australia’s First Masterchef) - The best things about being a woman are motherhood, and girlfriends. Bringing children into the world, and mothering them, is an incredible privilege and has been the great joy of my life. And of course, I love my girlfriends. I love the way women connect with each other, the insights we share and the support and strength we offer each other.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Julie Goodwin
Julie Goodwin, first Australian Masterchef winner

Becci, 45 - You can grow a human being inside your body. Oh and you can wear trousers OR dresses up the shops and not be seen as weird. Oh and multitask. Oh and dance like a dag and still be desirable. Supposedly.

Sophie Falkiner (television personality) - Motherhood, girlfriends and surprising egotistical men that you actually have a brain!
International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Sophie Falkiner
Sophie Falkiner
Dee, 61 - What is the best thing about being a woman? I can't imagine being anything else. Women are fabulous , and I'm so glad to be one.

Wendy Harmer (writer and comedian) – I've never, ever wanted to be a man. What does that say?
International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Wendy Harmer
Wendy Harmer
Donna, 38 - The best thing about being a woman is the super power to bear life beyond your own and NOT having to shave your face everyday.

Catriona Rowntree (television personality) - Our depth of compassion, our crazy curiosity and exquisite curves, life's good being a gal.
Emma Ashton ( - The best bit about being a woman is once you have children they give you the strength to fight lions, fix hurts with kisses, and feel depths of emotions you never knew existed.

Jac Bowie (Artistic Director and Producer) - For me, it's our never ending ability to multi-task. To juggle a career, kids, husbands, friends. And - still manage to make it all look somewhat easy. It's amazing what a woman can fit into one day!

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Jac Bowie
Jac Bowie
Charlotte Dawson (television personality) - Best thing about being a woman is having so many choices and using those choices to be free of judgement if you choose to rise above it.
International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Charlotte Dawson
Charlotte Dawson (right), raising funds for the Smile Foundation on Celebrity Apprentice Australia
Coral (retired preschool teacher) - The secret womens' business that we all relate matter what colour, what race.......we all share the same secret business....

Leona Edmiston (fashion designer) - Playing dress-up's everyday!

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Leona Edmiston
Fashion Designer, Leona Edmiston

Kathy Lette (writer) - The best thing about being a woman are multiple orgasms, making this is a multiple choice question, obviously.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Kathy Lette
Writer, Kathy Lette

Karen (school support worker) - The best thing about being a woman is having a husband and two sons who just accept that giving birth and running a house is my domain. They love me unconditionally because to them, I am a woman, the only one they live with. It is so special. I'm sure the kids will meet amazing women, but for now, I'm it for all three of them.

Ros Reines (newspaper columnist) - The best thing about being a woman is having given birth to my son, Joel and being able to nurture and support him. He is now 18 years old and a caring, beautiful human being. I have always been a hands on single mum since day one but I love indulging in the frivolity of being a woman. I love jewellery and beautiful clothes, getting my hair and makeup done, being pampered. I never feel guilty about this because I have had to be the breadwinner and in charge of maintenance around the home. Perhaps the really great thing about being a woman is never being shy about articulating my feelings.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Ros Reines
Ros Reines

Susie (marriage celebrant) - I could do the no bra, no shaving, bib and braces hippie militant thing of my past (all of which is still relevant in today's world)........but for me now the best thing about being a woman is exploring the rich deep vein of my femaleness........the very complex interplay of of my deep instinctual urges combined with my learned societal responses. Now that I am nearing my sixties, I am much be myself, not what is expected of me, not what I want everyone to see.......but to be authentically me......and that is the real gift of age for women.

Kate Ceberano (singer) - the best thing about being a woman is.... Everything!!!!!!
International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Kate Ceberano
Singer, Kate Ceberano
Christine, Blacktown NSW - I think the best thing about being a woman is sharing time and space with the wonderful, amazing, fantastic women I know among my family and friends, as well as the many women I look up to and admire.

Tracy Grimshaw (Host of A Current Affair) - People think its awesome when we can use power tools. These days men are expected to be able to do this, plus cook, clean, iron.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Tracy Grimshaw
Tracy Grimshaw, host of A Current Affair

Jenny Orchard (ceramic artist) - The best thing about being a woman is being able to have babies.

Shanna Moakler (actor, Miss USA 1995, model) - I think the best part about being a woman is.... we are life givers, the fact that we can carry and nurture life in our bodies has always been so awe inspiring to me... I think it's this ability that also makes women so compassionate and strong.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Shanna Moakler
Shanna Moakler

Tara Moss (author and television presenter) - To me, there are more positives about being a woman than I can articulate in only a couple of sentences, but one of the things I enjoy most is the enriching friendships I have found with other women, and on a more basic level, the joy of being not just a woman, but a woman NOW. In this time, in this country, I can write what I want, say what I feel, wear what I like, and be in the relationship of my choosing, able to earn my own financial security. These are all basic human rights, something every person deserves, and I can enjoy these freedoms every day knowing they were afforded me by the hard-fought battles of women who came before me. It is an exciting time.
International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Tara Moss
Author and television presenter, Tara Moss
Gabrielle Revere (Celebrity and fashion photographer) - The best thing about being a woman is having the gift of giving life and the instinct to love, unconditionally.

International Women's Day. By Rachel Hancock @retrogoddesses. Gabrielle Revere photographer
Photographer, Gabrielle Revere
Melissa Hoyer (journalist and media commentator) - Sure, us females have proven we can doing just about anything on the workfront; have slowly cracked the glass ceiling; and our confidence has successfully lobbied our way to social equality. But only a woman can give birth to new life. And for me, nothing can beat that.


  1. Fantastic round up of people and some great comments, so well done Ms Retrogoddess, I enjoyed reading this a LOT!

    The comments from the celebrities are really eye-opening as well, no "ditzy blondes', just lovely, down to earth women with something friendly and encouraging to say.

    Says a lot about how great women can be. Thanks for this excellent post :-)

    1. Thanks so much.

      So happy to be a woman (we really are quite magnificient) and happy International Women's Day to you.

  2. To my darling rach. You are an amazing woman and an amazing daughter. xxxx

    1. Hahaha - mum is that you? You forgot to say I'm an amazing mother too, hahaha.

  3. Great post and love the new look! HWD:)

    1. Thanks so much Pippa. HWD to you too :)

  4. Very well done Rachel I met your mum when we were 5
    she is an amazing woman ,having a talented daughter like you
    I also love being a woman having 3 babies was a marvellous experience ..nothing tops that !!

  5. Thanks Lorraine. Mum is fabulous, strong and so kind. We all love her very much.
    I agree with you about having babies. I have one child and he is the love of my life.
    Thanks for your sweet comments Lorraine xo